LAMMP – LGBT+ Accountability for Missing and Murdered Persons

A project of the Trans Doe Task Force

LGBT+ people are underserved by the standard and most widely used databases available to compare missing persons to unidentified remains. The Trans Doe Task Force is facilitating a database to serve the community and attempt to match any unidentified people with missing people whose cases require LGBT+ informed care and consideration. The database is private and only searchable to those with an approved login in order to protect the details of missing people who may be endangered. It includes support for professional use by investigators (anthropologists, medical examiners, detectives, etc.) as well as use by forensic genetic genealogists, and includes fields for GEDmatch numbers of family members and related family trees. This service is provided free of charge. You do not need to create an account to submit a case report.

Email us to request professional access to the database

Are you an LGBTQ+ person and you are concerned that you might go missing one day? Please see our NEW FEATURE: #IFIGOMISSING

Do you know of a case of an unidentified decedent who may have been part of the LGBT+ community? As you find cases of unidentified people who might have been LGBT+, please enter them here. Don’t worry if you think we might already have the person in our database; we’ll take care of merging duplicates. You may have more information than the last person submitted, so please enter in everything you have. If you have personally discovered unidentified remains of any kind that you believe to be human, please report this to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Do you have a family member or friend who is LGBT+ and missing? We’re here to help. This form is open to immediate family of LGBT+ missing persons as well as chosen family, even if you have been prohibited from filing an official report. You can also contact us for a link to a private FB group for support beyond this form submission.

NOTE: This is not an official report and is not administered by a law enforcement agency. All information submitted to this form is completely confidential and will not be made public. The information you provide here will be used to compare to unidentified people in our database. If we find any possible comparisons, we will contact the appropriate authorities in a sensitive manner. We are not responsible for any particular agency’s handling of case information once we have passed the information to them.

If you have previously filled out this form and your missing person has been found, please email us so we can remove them from our list.

Have questions or need additional assistance? Email us.